Platform guidance

Everything you need to know about the various platforms you will be using on your learning journey

Platform Guidance

Throughout your learning journey, you will access several online platforms. The following table provides an overview of those platforms, their purposes, and our recommendation on which account you should use in each platform.

No. Platform Purpose Recommended account to use
1. Microsoft Learn Microsoft Learn is a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products. This is where students like yourself can find self-paced online learning content to prepare for Microsoft certification exam. You can sign in to Microsoft Learn with a Work/School account or a Personal Microsoft account.
2. Cloud Ready Skills Cloud Ready Skills is Microsoft preferred partner in administering and nurturing Student certification offer. This is where eligible students may obtain MeasureUp practice test keys and free Microsoft certification exam vouchers. You can sign in to Cloud Ready Skills with a Work/School account or a Personal Microsoft account. We recommend you use a Personal Microsoft account, which is the same account you used or will use for Microsoft Certification Dashboard.
3. MeasureUp MeasureUp is the official practice test for Microsoft certification exams. This is where you can redeem your MeasureUp practice test keys and practice your knowledge and skills before taking Microsoft certification exams. You will need to create an account with MeasureUp.
4. Microsoft Learn Your Microsoft Certification Dashboard is the home for all of your personal certification-related information. When you take a Microsoft certification exam, the proctor will match the information you provide at the time of taking the test to what is in your profile. You can sign in to Microsoft Certification Dashboard with a Personal Microsoft account. This is also the same account that you will need to verify your academic status.
5. Pearson VUE Pearson VUE is a company Microsoft partners with to deliver exams. You can take many Microsoft Certification exams using OnVUE online delivery in the comfort of your home or office. You can schedule your exam from individual exam pages using the account you create with Microsoft Certification dashboard (no. 4).